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A Djinn's Own Storymagic1a1acontinued1a1a

Charlie thinks he has outfoxed the genie when he wishes to become the genie

Alec and the Inter-Dimensional Gloryscience1a1adone1

In the dark attic bedroom of his parent’s house a small portal to another dimension appears over Alec’s bed.


A gay man wakes one morning inside the body of the (formerly) straight star-spangled super-hero AlphaMale. Everything is terrific until AlphaMale’s studly sidekick finds out his body is inhabited by an imposter.

AlphaMale and the Adventurershero1a1a1deadend1

The Adventurers draw AlphaMale and Beta into conflict with a mythological psycho-sexual creature called the HydraFoil.

Birthday Boyscience1a1bdone3

What happens on your 39th birthday when your friends give you the muscle stud you always wanted, but they make him out of your lover?


The lover of a super-hero called Super Novae is mistakenly transformed into the super-hero’s successor instead of the hero’s son.

Birthright: Revenge of the Sonhero1a1b1done4a

Esau returns to claim the power of the super novae that was stolen from him by his father’s lover.

Birthright III: A Ripple inhero1a1b1adone4a1

Esau tries to change history by going back in time and preventing his father from bequeathing his powers to Jacob, but the plan backfires when Jacob follows him to the past and Isaac falls in love with Jacob twenty years earlier.

Caribbean Cruisescience1a1cdone4a1a

On an afternoon excursion from a cruise boat to an island beach an amateur photographer happens on an immensely muscled expatriate who shows him the secret of his wild muscular development and introduces him to a whole village of devotees.


Jonah discovers a small meat market in a strip mall that sells a mysterious meat causing rapid muscle growth. What is the secret of this mysterious food?

Circus of Freaksscience1a1c1acontinued1a1b

In his whole life Billy had never seen so many huge muscular men until the circus set up on the vacant farm next door. But when Billy snuck under the fence and into the big tent he saw plenty of other things he’d never seen before.

the Dealmagic1a1bdone4a1a1a

A horned stranger, built like a brick house, offers to let Rob borrow his body for 24 hours risk-free. But nothing about the deal is risk-free.

the Dealerscience1a1c1a1done4a1a1a1

Amateur bodybuilder, Troy, new to town, gets some advice – and a secret supplement – from top-ranked professional bodybuilder Michael Marconi.

Easy Comescience1a1c1a1acontinued1a1b1

Sometimes your wildest wishes come true. But that doesn’t mean the STAY true.

Food of Lovescience1a1c1a1a1done4a1a1a1a

Mark wasn't sure what he was letting himself in for having agreed to be roommates with the hugely muscular gay couple he had met at the gym and chummed with for the last few months. Then the two of them start to take turns visiting him in bed at night to fuel their lust for each other.

Fun With Mathscience1a1c1a1a1adone4a1a1a1a1

Todd finds his college math course difficult until his muscular professor demonstrates the relevancy of math to everything – including his muscle fantasies.

the Halifaxmagic1a1b1done4a1a1a1a1a

A heretofore unknown creature of Greek myth feeds Dillon the food of the gods. Dillon finds the truth in the adage you are as you eat.

Health Maintenance Organizationscience1a1c1a1a1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1notes1a1b1a1

A new HMO aims to keep its members healthy by getting them into the best physical shape of their lives.


An old man has the chance to start over in a new fantastically well-built android body. Leonard takes possession of the startlingly muscular body after he signs on the dotted line – or is it the other way around?

It Could Happen to Youscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1

The author is singled out by his fans to try a bootleg muscle growth serum. Is it fiction of fact? Could it happen to you?

Jack and the Giantmagic1a1b1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a

Jack is read to sell his barbells to feed his family, but instead he trades them for anabolic “magic beans”. When his mother throws the beans out the window, they sprout into a giant stalk that leads to the heavens – and the giant.

Jerry Johnson and the Musclescience1a1c1a1a1a1a1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1bnotes1a1b1a1a

American Anabolix has put a new, miracle bodybuilding compound in five bottles of their protein drink “Explode”. The five customers who find the bottles with the miraculous compound win a tour of the American Anabolix factory. On the tour they fall prey to a series of unusual, erotic industrial accidents.

Liquid Muscle science1a1c1a1a1a1a1bdeadend2

Johann is thrilled to be chosen to participate in a muscle growth trial that packs on mass as quickly as you can swallow gallon after gallon of the foul tasting muscle growth formula. But even more exciting than participating in the trial is what goes on with the other participants during and after their treatments.

the Mascotmagic1a1b1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1

He is the average-looking guy who is on a first name basis with every stud who walks through your gym door. He is affectionately derided and happy as a puppy just to get the attention. Angel couldn’t understand what it was the studs saw in him until Stan invited Angel to one of his parties and showed him the secret of his popularity.

Membership Has It's Privilegesscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1anotes1a1b1a1a1

Scouting for a new gym, Zack encounters an establishment with special amenities.

Muscle Service Stationscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1notes1a1b1a1a1a

A city-boy model, on the way to meet his lover in the Midwest, stops at a service station where all the guys are as big as bulls.

Muscle Video Journalscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a

By now you've seen at least one of these videos with the bland interviews and amazing, right-before-your-eyes muscle transformations of athletic guys who just want to be a little bit bigger.

the New Modelscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1

A friend introduces a photographer to a spectacular physical specimen who offers to share the secret of his development.

One Hundred and Onescience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1continued1a1b2notes1a1b1a1a1a1

Walt finds out the flu shot he got at the campus health clinic is responsible for his recent spurt of muscle growth. But HIS gains are only the beginning of the story.

One Hundred and One: Lonescience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1b

The support group story of Cal, the comics fan, one of the 101 amazing campus transformations.

One Hundred and One: Wolverinescience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1continued1a1b2a1

By popular demand, Cal continues his story.

the Partyscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a

Chad attends a Studio Men porno party with his huge muscular lover, Boston, who likes to play around. But when Chad meets an old friend, Ramon, who still lusts for him, and Ramon transforms into a stud of equal proportions, Boston starts to get a little jealous.

Personal Demonmagic1a1b1a1adone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1

A nasty, homophobic CFO confronts his personal demon.

the Prince and the Glovemagic1a1b1a1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1anotes1a1b1a1a1a1a

A high school kid, yearning for his best bud, gets help and a push to attend the prom from a creation of his fantasies and learns impossible things can happen every day.

Running with the Bullsmagic1a1b1a1a1adeadend2a

Guy, a small town Montana man, meets a huge bodybuilder on his vacation, who invites him to a camp for big men like the two of them.

the School for Studsscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1

In the small rural town Eldon lived in, the only chance for advancement was the military or college. But then he found the “the School for Studs”.

the School for Studs: thescience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a1adeadend2a1

What is the Church of Kaalyr and who is its horned god? How are both linked to the astonishing school for studs?

Surprise Visitscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a1bdone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a

When 18 year-old Todd finds his friend’s front door ajar, he walks in to find his sexy older friend getting fucked by the biggest, most muscular man he has even seen.

a Taste of Aedonscience1a1c1a1a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a1b1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1notes1a1b1a1a1a1a1

Adams and Evans survive the accidental explosion of their military vessel and land by life pod on the verdant class M planet Aedon.

the Temptation of Joemagic1a1b1a1a1a1done4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a

The Lord of the Heavens and the Lord of Light take turns testing the mettle of an upstanding young man named Joe. “One honors what one loves, and what one loves reveals one’s character.” Joe loves muscle.

the Vampires of Sodom andmagic1a1b1a1a1a1acontinued1a1b2a1a

That incredible stud that Curt meets at the bar one night while on a business trip has a secret he’s all to willing to share with Curt.


The personal history of one man infected with the virus that came to be known as the Acquired Inordinate Development Syndrome.

Vitality Health Foodsmagic1a1b1a1a1a1bdone4a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a2notes1a1b1a1a1a1a1a1

Gordon discovers a health food store that sells amazing morphogenic herbs and a hunky sales clerk with a penchant for indulging Gordon’s experimental side.


A muscular high school teen from Yakima, WA, receives a letter inviting himto meet other huge men like himself. What is the secret of his youthful muscular size and who are the men who invited him to join them.

A Djinn's Own Story Alec and the Inter-Dimensional Glory AlphaMale AlphaMale and the Adventurers Birthday Boy Birthright Birthright: Revenge of the Son Birthright III: A Ripple in Caribbean Cruise Carniceria Circus of Freaks the Deal the Dealer Easy Come Food of Love Fun With Math the Halifax Health Maintenance Organization HRO-3498 It Could Happen to You Jack and the Giant Jerry Johnson and the Muscle Liquid Muscle the Mascot Membership Has It's Privileges Muscle Service Station Muscle Video Journal the New Model One Hundred and One One Hundred and One: Lone One Hundred and One: Wolverine the Party Personal Demon the Prince and the Glove Running with the Bulls the School for Studs the School for Studs: the Surprise Visit a Taste of Aedon the Temptation of Joe the Vampires of Sodom and Virus Vitality Health Foods Yakima